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Missions & Rules

Thailand Punters is a Sex Workers review site and forum by and for punters and serves as a platform to help punters exchange information and make more informed decisions about sexual services. The punters behind this website do not gain from prostitution in any way (monetary or otherwise) and does not accept any donations. To keep the website online, we do appreciate it to have some clicks on the banners shown on the website to cover the webhosting costs and therefore making sure can remain free.The posting of private details (private names, identification numbers, private locations or any other privacy sensitive contextual or visual information) is strictly forbidden for obvious reasons.


Thailand Punters is not responsible for the (in)correctness or lawfulness of each post by a member. Member are responsible for their own posts! We are able to delete posts and we will do this when we believe that it is against our rules.

Each member who believes that a certain post should be removed, is able to report the post or can alternatively contact Thailand Punters at Thailand Punters will check your complaint based on the forum rules as well as per law. Please make sure to motivate your complaint, a detailed explanation is necessary.

Social Rules

At Thailand Punters there are normal social rules like anywhere else. This means that being rude, swearing, publishing confidential private information of Sex Workers (as well as members (punters)) and trolling. These posts will be removed, and offenders will be punished accordingly.

Reviews with offensive, discriminatory and/or racist content are modified or deleted.
Topics that conflict with the law, will be removed.


By provocation we mean all posts that are meant to provoke disturbing and/or offensive discussions.
In this case, a moderator can stop the discussion by closing or deleting the topic.

Discussions about private matters, gossip and other messages that have nothing to do with paid sex, are in principle not desired on The only exception to this are the "Punter Talk" forums.

If you do post such a message, you run the risk that a moderator will take appropriate measures. A joke or a funny response to a message will not be considered gossip. We want to avoid discussions that could get out of hand in advance.


A review must contain at least an informative description of the visit.

It is not permitted to type full words with capital letters in titles or messages. Only moderators can deviate from this.
Use correct spelling and grammar for your reviews, including the correct use of capital letters, periods and commas.

In a review it is not allowed to provide private information about the ladies. Private information means:

  • Home situation (children, home address)
  • Real name
  • Birthday
  • Drug use
  • STD accusations
  • Human trafficking / pimp friend suspicions
  • Accurate tattoo descriptions
The placement of img tags is NOT allowed and therefore the function has been disabled on the forum, due to the privacy of people or locations that may or may not be displayed which could put them or places in danger.

A post may not contain insults, it must be a description of an experience. If the post / review contains foul language, curses, etc., the post / review will be deleted.

Writing multiple reviews of a sex worker is allowed.

Advertising strictly prohibited!

In messages on our board, advertising (also negative "advertising"), in whatever form, is strictly prohibited! Also placing links to commercial sites or placing a commercial link in your profile is not allowed! Also "spamming" of users via IM / PM!
If you want to advertise on Thailand Punters, please contact @


Usernames that are too similar to the usernames of moderators are deleted. This also applies to user names that have an insulting, discriminating and / or racist purpose or that can be understood as such. Misuse of username with reference to the Thailand Punters site is not permitted!


Creating a second account is not allowed! Only the moderators may have multiple accounts. A second account for members is only allowed if you have received permission to use it from the main moderator. Deliberately changing your IP address to create two or more accounts is not permitted.


You have violated the above rules, you have been banned!
If you are banned, you can contact us @

You can get a 1 week ban for:
  • Not following the instructions of a moderator, publicly calling names or a moderator, openly criticizing the working methods of a moderator and flame / troll behavior.
You can get a 1 month ban for:
  • Create a new username while banning your current username, the ban will then be extended to your current one.
You can get a permanent ban for:
  • Double username, advertising / spam, threatening members or moderators.
Introduce Yourself

Not have to, but it gives a nice idea of who you are as a person regarding your life as a part-time or full-time punter in Thailand.
Suggestions what to tell about yourself: Where you from, what you do for a living, age (group), your favourite places to visit and take sex workers from, how often, your general view about it.
Suggestions what NOT to tell about yourself: Your exact age and your real name